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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Seven Things Not to Do on a Plane

In recent years there have been hijacking plots, and shoe bomb plots and liquid explosive plots. With so many new regulations, many travelers are confused about how to safely travel. This simple HumorTube video guide lets you know some of the things you should avoid when traveling via an airplane. [Granted the first one is the only one relevant to the no-liquids policy, but this blog is about the funny, not about being accurate or relevant.]

1. Don't Try to Sneak a Soda Past Kathie Griffin

2. Don't Bring Your Dog on the Plane Without a Seatbelt

3. Don't Have Sex in the Airplane Bathroom with the Pilot. Especially if you are the Copilot.

4. Don't Sit Next to Mr. Bean

5. Don't Put Yourself in Compromising Positions

6. Don't Watch Porn on the Plane

7. Don't Bring Any Motherfucking Snakes, on the Motherfucking Plane

Comments on "Seven Things Not to Do on a Plane"


Blogger Tillerman said ... (4:56 AM) : 

You deserve to win the contest for this lot.


Blogger Mama Duck said ... (6:15 AM) : 

ROTFL, this is the greatest list ever!! Our list is up if you’d like to look… have a great day!


Blogger Jersey Girl said ... (6:29 AM) : 

great list!


Anonymous Shadows Edge said ... (9:59 AM) : 

*laughing* Great list! I'm going to have to send some of my friends over to take a look. Having just spend several hours on international flights - I can certainly appreciate this!


Anonymous Jennifer Irving said ... (11:46 AM) : 

Very funny. Not something I can put on my business blog, but I've put it on my personal one. Love Granny


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